How cool is this?

Many of you on my friends list have probably already read this on daytonward's LJ, but I wanted to note it on mine, as well.

This weekend, the "remastered" original-series Star Trek episode "The Ultimate Computer" will feature a new effects shot that includes a space station whose design is based on that of Starbase 47, aka Vanguard.

For those folks who find this post via Google and and don't know this, I developed the Star Trek Vanguard literary series with editor Marco Palmieri, and I've had the pleasure of being a writer for the series, with Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, and James Swallow. So this is a special thrill for me, to see something I helped bring to fruition become a retroactive part of the TV series I've loved since I was old enough to remember camping out in front of the TV.

The real kudos, of course, belong to designer Masao Okazaki, who created the exterior and interior schematics of the station, thereby inspiring several sequences in the Vanguard books. And we're all immensely grateful to special-effects wizard Doug Drexler, who has worked on such series as the new Battlestar Galactica, and who also did the CGI renderings for all three Vanguard book covers to date, for making the effort to include our shared creation in his remastering efforts.

So, set your DVRs, TiVos, and VCRs, mein freunds!
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James Swallow? Is he writing book 5? Or does Vanguard play a part in his upcoming Terok Nor book? (Or something else I'm not thinking of?)
Just looked at the PDF, skimmed my translated author bio, and winced as I noticed that, once again, they have misstated the title of my Mirror Universe novel. They called it The Sorrows of the Empire, but the correct title has no article before the final word: The Sorrows of Empire.

You have every reason to be proud and thrilled...this is an incredible honour. It's also exciting to think of all the people who'll watch "The Ultimate Computer" without initially knowing the connection, but then come across that same design in their local bookstore one day...

Congratulations to you, Marco, Masao, and everyone else involved in the Vanguard series--even the mysterious involvement of James Swallow. ;)