My 2014 Shore Leave schedule

If you’ll be attending the Shore Leave convention this weekend in Hunt Valley, MD, this is where and when to find me for signings and panels.


Meet the Pros
Hunt/Valley Corridor
Come chat with the author guests of Shore Leave, buy books from us, and get your books autographed.

The entire creative team behind the new Star Trek: Seekers series — myself, Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, and artist Rob Caswell — will be signing books as well as special Shore Leave-exclusive Seekers POSTER PRINTS.


The prints will be FREE! Just show up at our table on Friday night with at least one copy of both Seekers #1: Second Nature and Seekers #2: Point of Divergence (which will be on sale at the con, another Shore Leave exclusive), and get a free autographed poster print!

(Limit one print per fan; offer good only while supplies last.)



Star Trek: Seekers — Meet the Creators
Derby Lounge
Come get the lowdown on the newest Star Trek original literary series from the entire creative team. Learn about the two-part opening story and get teases for what’s coming up next.
—David Mack, Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, Rob Caswell

The Villain’s Journey
Salon A
A panel of writers and editors talk about whether villains have their own unique story arc, like that of Joseph Campbell’s famed “hero’s journey,” a shadow version of the hero’s journey, or no set paradigm at all.
—Kathleen David, Kirsten Beyer, Jeff Lang, David Mack, Kelly Meding, Marco Palmieri, Amanda Headlee

Writing Action Scenes
Concierge Lounge
Find out what tricks and techniques professional writers use to turn various types of action into readable prose.
—Keith DeCandido, Kirsten Beyer, David Mack, Christopher Bennett, Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Series in the Sandbox
Derby Lounge
Professional tie-in writers discuss the ins-and-outs of creating new original series spun off from existing media properties. Learn what makes a new series worth doing, what the rewards and frustrations are, and more.
—David Mack, Christopher Bennett, Jo Graham, Kirsten Beyer, Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore



Novels: Tracking All the Moving Parts
Derby Lounge
What are the moving parts in a novel? Why is it important to keep track of them? What are some techniques professional authors use to ensure that all the moving parts in their novels don’t get out of sync? How do you fix major continuity errors if you discover them late in the writing process?
—Kirsten Beyer, Russ Colchamiro, Jeff Lang, David Mack


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Classic covers & Star Trek: Seekers ( #SFWApro )

In my previous post, I discussed the inspiration for the cover aesthetic in use on the new Star Trek: Seekers novel series. I also put out a call for more such side-by-side images from anyone who had the classic Bantam anthologies as well as book one of the new series. I am delighted to present four new images, courtesy of fan Eric Cone:

seekers1_blish8 seekers1_blish11 seekers1_blish12 seekers1_stnv2

These remind me of why Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, and I decided to create this series — which started out as just a whim of inspiration by illustrator Rob Caswell. So if anyone out there has more of these, I’d love to see them.



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Seekers & Classic Trek, side by side — #SFWApro

As I have written about before, the inspiration for the new Star Trek: Seekers series of novels was a run of faux book covers that illustrator Rob Caswell created and posted on his DeviantArt blog.

Rob used the Archer-class starship designed by Vanguard conceptual artist Masao Okazaki as the “star” of his new imaginary Star Trek sequel series, which he called simply The Seekers. His inspiration for the retro look and feel of his faux covers was the anthologies of classic Star Trek episode adaptations penned by SF master James Blish and published by Bantam Books back in the 1970s.

Now that book one, Second Nature, is out on shelves, my friend (and one of the co-developers of the new Star Trek: Seekers series) Dayton Ward photographed his copy of the novel beside one of his copies of the classic Blish tomes:


This inspired a couple of fans to do likewise.



These results please me, so I’m inviting anyone who owns copies of the classic Blish anthologies as well as the new Seekers books to photograph them side by side and send the pictures to me. I’d love to see more of these old-and-new pairings.



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Read my Q&A with KULT Magazine

A writer named Dominik Hug just interviewed me for the Swiss F/SF publication KULT Magazine. We discussed a wide range of topics, including how I work, how I got started, my past projects and my upcoming work.

A brief sample of our erudite exchange:

destiny_omniKULT: What does a normal David Mack working day look like?

David Mack: Something of a train wreck, honestly. I usually sleep until early afternoon, then slouch into my day. My first priority is usually a shower, followed by coffee and something to eat. Next, I deal with errands and other personal business, such as bills, cleaning up after the cats, taking out the trash. I waste a fair amount of time reading news on the Internet, poring over Facebook and Twitter, and trying to think of something amusing to post on social media.
I’ve usually done nothing useful by the time my wife gets home from work. We make dinner, eat, and clean up. Afterward, I pour a stiff drink and settle down to try to write. This usually results in more procrastination. I tend to get working for real around 9pm or 10pm, and I work in a panicked frenzy until around 1am. Then I watch TV until around 3am, when I go to bed.
Frankly, it’s a miracle I get anything done at all.

For the benefit of my fans who are fluent in English but not in German, Dominik has posted the original English version of the interview on his blog. A German-translated version will be posted online soon, and I will also put up links to that for my German-speaking friends and fans.

Give it a read!

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They call me “mad.” I say I’m “organized.”

Over dinner this evening, Kara and I talked about when we adopted our two current feline companion animals, Winifred and Puck. I knew by heart the date that I brought Freddie home—October 1 is marked on our calendar as “Freddie-versary”—and that, based on a vet’s estimate of her age at the time of adoption, she was probably born on or near April 1.

puck_kitten_tower5However, we both struggled to remember exactly when we brought home our Mister Puck, or why I was so certain that his birthday fell sometime around election day. So I did what any good anal-retentive obsessive-compulsive would do: I went to my office, pulled my packet of tax receipts from fiscal year 2005, went through my old credit card statements, and found the transaction date for the day I paid his adoption fee.

March 6 is now known in our household as “Puck-iversary,” and I feel vindicated for keeping over a decade’s worth of financial records.

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Seek and Ye Shall Find … Seekers!

The long wait is ended, friends — Star Trek: Seekers #1 – Second Nature makes its official debut today!


From the back cover:


The late twenty-third century — Starfleet’s golden age of exploration. Desperate to stay one step ahead of its rivals, the Federation sends two starships, the scout Sagittarius and the cruiser Endeavour, to plumb the secrets of the vast region known as the Taurus Reach.


Drawn by mysterious energy readings to a lush green world, the crew of the Sagittarius find the Tomol: a species whose members all commit ritual suicide just as they reach the cusp of adulthood.


The crew of the Sagittarius want to save the Tomol from their cycle of self-destruction, but first they’ll need to save themselves — from the most nefarious Klingon starship commander in history.


Remember, Trek fans, Second Nature is just the first part of the series’ exciting two-part opening story. Its cliffhanger will be resolved in next month’s riveting new release, Star Trek: Seekers #2 – Point of Divergence, by New York Times bestselling author Dayton Ward & acclaimed author and scriptwriter Kevin Dilmore!


Plus, stay tuned for more exciting Seekers news, because our return to Starfleet’s “Golden Age of Exploration” has only just begun….

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My Updated Bibliography

I present for your collective edification my updated bibliography:


David Mack — Writing Credits (as of 2014)


Star Trek: Section 31Disavowed (2014)

Star Trek: Seekers, Book 1 — Second Nature (2014)

Star Trek: The Fall, Book III — A Ceremony of Losses (2013)

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Cold Equations
— Book III: The Body Electric (2013)

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Cold Equations
— Book II: Silent Weapons (2012)

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Cold Equations
— Book I: The Persistence of Memory (2012)

Star Trek VanguardStorming Heaven (2012)

Star Trek Mirror UniverseRise Like Lions (2011)

Star Trek: Typhon PactZero Sum Game (2010)

Star TrekMore Beautiful Than Death (2010)

Star Trek Mirror UniverseThe Sorrows of Empire (2009)

Star Trek VanguardPrecipice (2009)

The 4400Promises Broken (2009)

The Calling (2009)

Star Trek Destiny, Book III — Lost Souls (2008)

Star Trek Destiny, Book II — Mere Mortals (2008)

Star Trek Destiny, Book I — Gods of Night (2008)

Star Trek VanguardReap the Whirlwind (2007)

Star Trek Mirror Universe, Vol. 2: Obsidian Alliances (anthology, 2007)
— short novel: Saturn’s Children (as Sarah Shaw)

WolverineRoad of Bones (2006)

Star Trek: Deep Space NineWarpath (2006)

Star Trek VanguardHarbinger (2005)

Star Trek: SCE, Book Six: Wildfire (collection, 2004) — short novel: Wildfire

Star Trek: The Next GenerationA Time to Heal (2004)

Star Trek: The Next GenerationA Time to Kill (2004)



No Turning Back (2011, written with Bryan Anderson)

Star Trek: The Starfleet Survival Guide (2002)



Apollo’s Daughters (anthology, 2014)
— novellette: “Hell Rode With Her”

Star Trek Vanguard: Declassified (anthology, 2011)
— novella: “The Stars Look Down”

Star Trek Mirror UniverseShards and Shadows (anthology, 2009)
— short story: “For Want of a Nail”

Star Trek: Corps of EngineersCreative Couplings (collection, 2007)
— novella: “Small World”

Star Trek: Corps of EngineersGrand Designs (collection, 2007)
— novella: “Failsafe”

Star Trek: Tales of the Dominion War (anthology, 2004)
— short story: “Twilight’s Wrath”

Star Trek: New FrontierNo Limits  (anthology, 2003)
— short story: “Waiting for G’Doh, or, How I Learned to Stop Moving and Hate People”

Star Trek: SCE, Book Two – Miracle Workers (collection, 2002)
— novella: “Invincible,” written with Keith R.A. DeCandido



Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, “It’s Only a Paper Moon” (1999)
[with John Ordover and Ronald D. Moore]

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, “Starship Down” (1995)
[with John Ordover]

Star Trek Voyager, “Sickbay” (1995)
[aka “Untitled Kes,” with John Ordover] [unproduced]



Farscape: Scorpius (2010; eight-issue miniseries, with Rockne S. O’Bannon)

Star TrekDivided We Fall (2001; four-issue miniseries, with John Ordover)


Please check your notes before leaving today, as this material will be on next week’s text. That is all. Class dismissed.


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Seekers is almost here!

Just got this tantalizing image  from my editor, of copies of Star Trek: Seekers #1 – Second Nature, hot off the presses. Ahh, dig that new-book smell!


If you haven’t already pre-ordered your copy, do so today. This is going to be the start of a new, ongoing series of classic adventures in the spirit of the original series, while continuing to feature characters and situations from the Star Trek Vanguard saga I helped develop and write for seven years.

And while you’re at it, remember to pre-order the conclusion of the new series’ two-part debut tale, Star Trek: Seekers #2 – Point of Divergence, by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore. Because book one ends on a cliffhanger, and it’s a doozy!

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Star Trek artist envisions NASA’s future

Artist and CGI designer Mark Rademaker, who first got my attention when he stepped up to design the sleek-as-lightning Vesta-class starships I concocted in the Star Trek Destiny trilogy (for Captain Ezri Dax’s slipstream-drive hotrod the U.S.S. Aventine), has teamed up with Star Trek veteran designer Mike Okuda to help NASA scientist Harold White create a more realistic vision for a future “warp drive” starship, which they’ve dubbed the IXS Enterprise.


Check out this video, which mentions their contribution to the project (starting at 41:54):


Awesome work, guys! Here’s hoping someone perfects a cure for aging and death so we can call stick around long enough to take a ride on one of these beauties, and set foot on an alien shore!

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